Writing is Like Diving into a Cold Ocean

Writing has become like diving into a cold sea.

Each time I open the computer, I feel a cool breeze on my face from the drifts of the waves. As I open the document I see the water slowly start to break at the shore. Typing the first words are the bitter ripples crashing upon my ankles.

My mind wrestles with itself wondering if it’s ready for this challenge or not. By diving deeper into the details, I venture deeper into the water. The waves surround my stomach and the temperature knocks the wind out of my chest. I struggle at the thought of going further, subjecting more of my skin to the brutal lacerations of the winds and the words.

But I keep pushing my feet against the sand to reach additional depths. Eventually the burning sensation of the cold begins to fade. I find myself wading in the waters.

Comfortable with the sea and the sentences.

Finally achieving the joy I came here for.

A moment of respite from the relentless rays of the sun.

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