My Hair Can Tell You About My Grief. Here's How.

Woman brushing her hair with a wooden comb
Who knew brushing your hair was a herculean task?!

It sounds ridiculous, but you can tell how I'm feeling by my hair. After my future mother-in-law passed away in November, the natural progression of grief kicked in and I lost all motivation to do anything... including brushing my hair. The five minutes of energy and concentration it would take for me to run a comb through my wet hair and hit it with a blow dryer was beyond what my body and mind were capable of. .

I remember texting my best friend, recognizing that this wasn't a good sign. "I'm feeling really depressed. I don't want to do anything. I can't wash my face or blow dry my hair." I felt like every minute of the day was a race to get back into bed or on the couch, the only places I felt safe. I was cutting corners wherever I could just to get there faster. First world problems, I know, but also a really big indication of how I was performing in the rest of the world. The better you can be with yourself, the better you can be with those around you... and I wasn't being good to myself at all.

This stretch of time, from January to the end of March, I've noticed I feel stronger than other months. The holidays are over, there are no birthdays, no death anniversaries, etc. I've slowly regained my energy-- working out more, being more social, and doing my hair!

Last night I powered through a session with with my trainer, showered and danced around to Ariana Grande, started building a shelf for my closet, then had dinner with my mom where I cried about my dad's final days.

But I wiped the tears, finished that damn shelf, and DID. MY. HAIR!

Gianna DeMedio
A good hair day and a good me day