Family Honors Mother's Humor with Hilarious Obituary

Photo of older woman making a face
Sybil Hicks from Canada passed away on February 2nd 2019

Like many other parts of the pomp and circumstance around death, obituaries can be bland and boring and give no actual representation to who the deceased person really was beyond the information in a template. One family in Canada decided to take matters into their own hands and write an obituary for their mother that caught international attention lately.

According to The Hamilton Spectator, the family of Sybil Hicks threw the template to the side and wrote her obituary to let her personality do the talking, which included her sense of humor and her affectionate nickname for her husband: "the horse's ass."

I wish my father had an opportunity to do this or that we were functional enough to have written one in a more fun-loving tone that featured his wit and sarcasm. It was, however, out of the question. I could barely speak at that time.

I applaud Sybil's family for breaking the mold and letting her personality shine through. Now, millions of people know how funny she truly was.

Rest In Peace, Sybil.