Episode 37: How a Psychology Grad Student Deals with Her Own Grief

Updated: Apr 3

This week I’m joined by family friend, Meredith Hannahs. Meredith lost her mom four years ago to cancer and also has a clinical perspective on grief as she is approaching the end of her time as a grad student of psychology. Meredith works in a practice setting directly with clients which gives her a unique insight on depression, grief, and more. Meredith and I share our own perceptions on grief, self care, and how working as a therapist allows her to empower others in their own lives.

Episode Highlights:

  • Meredith’s journey with grief and the loss of her mother

  • Her clinical approach to grief and why she loves working with clients

  • Understanding that grief is an ongoing process and not just a list of things to check off

  • How she assists her clients in setting their own therapeutic framework

  • Why therapy is collaborative

  • The stages of grief and the misconceptions she often sees around the stages

  • Why self care is such a big part of therapy/psychology education

Connect with Meredith on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meredithkh/

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