Bouncing Back... From Loss

Gianna DeMedio being interviewed by Lisa Bien on "Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien"

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on "Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien," a show that broadcasts on the Temple University TV network. I met Lisa, a Temple Public Relations professor, through professional ventures, but we quickly became friends. Her personality is as fiery and fun as her beautiful red hair, but her energy is gentle and kind. She has written two books about bouncing back from adversity and is well known for her motivational speeches on self-love and self-help. Her anticipated third book will be out in the beginning of 2019.

Through her talk show, she interviews people that are "bouncing back" from a struggle in their life and encourages acceptance and growth from their stories.

She asked me to appear on her show to talk about loss, how it affected me, and what I could tell others to help them in their journey through grief.

Watch my full interview below: