This is my Story

My world turned upside down when I lost my father to a heart attack in May of 2017. The unexpected submersion into grief was by far the most difficult time of my life. Common thoughts included: Why are people saying "it never gets better"?! How am I ever supposed to function again? My life is over, right?  


During that time, I understood more of myself, I understood more of the world of grief, and I realized that there is a need for a greater understanding of loss for everyone. *Enter awkward stories of people who had no idea what to do or say around me after his death.* Whether you are suffering from your own loss, or trying to help a friend, loss affects everyone. And it doesn't always have to be so somber! There are some incredible stories of laughter, strength, and inspiration that come out of a person's most vulnerable time of life. 

My hope is that through sharing my stories (there are oh-so-many) and those of others (I've met some kick-ass people along the way), we can build a stronger community that is ready to take on anything.​ With that, this site and "So Sorry for Your Loss" were born.


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